Does the Headlight Harness come in different sizes? – Yes. The Headlight Harness comes in sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

How do I know which size will fit my dog? – You can contact us diretly, or measure around your dogs chest before refering to our size chart.

What if I order the wrong size? – Not to worry. If for any reason, your harness does not fit, just let us know and we will send out the correct size right away.

Is the Headlight Harness Adjustable? – Yes. Each strap on the harness can be indvidually adjusted to fit your pet. Once done correctly, it never has to be adjusted again.

How is the Focused Beam LED Powered? – The built in LED on the Headlight Harness is powered by 9 volt battery, which is included.

How long does the bulb / battery last? – The LED itself will last between 15,000 and 20,000 hours. The 9 volt battery will last about 20 hours before it needs to be replaced.

Does the LED get hot? – No. Our patented LED Harness produces no heat whatsoever no matter how long it is used.

Is the Headlight Harness Reflective? – Yes. The harness has reflective trim that is visible to cars from over 1/4 mile away when hit by a headlight.

How do I fit the harness to my dog? – Simply unbuckle the rear straps, slide the front over your dogs head, and buckle the rear straps behind the front legs.

Is the Headlight Harness Water Resistant? – Yes. The Headlight Harness is water resistant.

My dog curently uses a collar. Will he “like” wearing a harness? – Yes. Most dogs will take to the Headlight Harness immediately. its no pull design eliminates any stress placed on the dogs neck and redistributes it down the dogs chest, calming them.

How does the Headlight Harness secure my pet in the car? – Simple. Just put your pet in the car, and run the seat belt through the handle on the back of your Headlight Harness. Then, buckle it. Your pet will remain seated during the car ride.

How do I wash my Headlight Harness? – Do not machine wash your harness. This will cause damage to the LED. We recommend washing by hand.

Does the Headlight Harness come with a warranty? – Yes. The Headlight Harness comes with a 30 Day Gaurantee against any manufacturer defects.

How long will it take to get my Headlight Harness? – Most orders are shipped Priority Express within 24 hours.

Any other questions? Please feel free to call us anytime @ 1-800-597-0181