Why are harnesses better than traditional dog collars?

A harness differs from a collar in that it takes the strain off of your dog’s neck and redistributes it across either their chest or back, depending on the attachment point that is used. The main benefit of using a harness is that it prevents injuries to your dog’s neck, and specifically their trachea if they have a tendency of pulling on the leash. Another great benefit of using no pull dog harnesses such as the Headlight Harness is that it gives you greater control over your dog, which is especially important if you’re walking on a busy road or are in a more populated area.

No pull harnesses also discourage pulling, due to the fact that the action does not give the dog any advantage, unlike a collar where pulling moves the dog forward which gives them the sense that the action is working. The only action that occurs when a dog does this with a harness is that their front legs come off the floor, a result which your dog will find to be ineffective.

No pull harnesses also help to stop a dog from jumping as the design of the harness will provide an effective way of stopping the action without causing any harm to your dog in the process. No pull harnesses are ideal for puppies which may also get tangled or hurt themselves while pulling on a traditional collar and leash.

Lastly, the major advantage of no pull harnesses is that it is extraordinarily unlikely that a dog will escape from the harness as compared to a traditional collar, as long as the harness is properly fit. Collars typically come undone when a dog pulls too hard, while a harness embraces the entire body.