This is how every walk with your dog should be. Fun, Safe, and Drama Free. The Headlight Harness makes every walk in the park, literally just that, a walk in the park. Day or Night, no matter the time, the Headlight Harness has you covered. Stay Seen. Stay Safe. Stay Visible.
Ivy introducing the New, Highly Reflective Leash from Headlight Harness! An exact duplicate of the straps on the Headlight Harness, these new leashes are tangle resistant, highly reflective, and extremely durable. Each comes with a padded handle, and extra "D-Ring" for accessories! Get yours today!!
Introducing the Headlight Harness. Easily the best, most versatile dog harness on the market today. The Headlight Harness is a patent pending, super reflective, "No Choke/No Pull" harness with an integrated, focused beam LED in the chest that lights up your path ahead at night.

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Walking your dog at night has never been safer. The revolutionary Headlight Harness is the only dog harness you will ever need. The super reflective trim combined with an integrated, focused beam LED, makes you visible to any vehicles as well as lighting up the path ahead.

The Headlight Harness versus Everything Else. Which Dog would you rather your kids be walking?